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What is Online Cross Enrollment, and how does it work?

Online cross enrollment is a service of the California Virtual Campus- Online Education Initiative CVC-OEI funded by the California Community College Chancellors’ Office.

Through online cross enrollment eligible California community college students have an opportunity to register for online courses not available at their Home College. In order to successfully add a course from a participating college, online cross enrollment technology will perform a series of eligibility checks. If eligible, a student’s Home College academic and enrollment record will be electronically shared with the Teaching College and they will be immediately enrolled at the Teaching College for the term, without the need to complete a new application.

This means a student will be at both the Home College and Teaching College in the same term. While taking classes at the Teaching College students will be required to abide by the policies of the teaching college, as well as the policies of the Home College.

What is a Home College?

Your Home College is determined by any of the following or combination of the following:

  • Where you are enrolled in the current term
  • Where you are receiving or plan on receiving Financial Aid and/or
  • From where you intend to graduate and receive your degree or certificate.

What is a Teaching College?

The Teaching College is the second institution which is offering the course/s you are interested in taking.

Am I eligible for CVC Cross Enrollment?

Currently online cross enrollment is only available to eligible students attending one of the following seven Home Colleges: Foothill College, DeAnza College, American River College, Consumnes River College, Folsom Lake, Sacramento City College and Cabrillo College. Each year several more California community colleges will be added to the system.

Students who have identified one of the 7 participating colleges as their Home College, are enrolled in the current term, and who also has registered in at least one credit course at their Home College, are eligible to participate.

In order to use online cross enrollment, all students must read and consent to electronically share their student record and enrollment information with the participating colleges. The details of the consent will be presented to you once you attempt to add a class. The following requirements must also be met in order to be eligible for using online cross enrollment. You must have:

  • At least a 2.0 GPA or have not yet established a GPA at your Home College
  • Cleared the prerequisites for the course which you are attempting to register
  • No outstanding fees at Home College
  • Established California Residency with your Home College
  • Not belong to any of the following restricted student categories:
  • - High School Dual Enrollment

    - Possess F1 Visa, Vacation or Visitor Visas (B Visas)

    - Incarcerated

What courses are available through Online Cross Enrollment?

Students can register for any online course offered through the online cross enrollment course search. The course finder emphasizes courses that fulfill the IGETC for University of California (UC) system transfer and the California State University (CSUs) GE patterns necessary for transferring. You may also search for substitute transfer courses at other colleges if a course is not available at your Home College.

Will my credits/units transfer to my Home College?

Yes. All of the online courses available for online cross enrollment are the same courses offered by the State of California 114 community colleges. Additionally, Home Colleges participating in online cross enrollment have agree to accept the units completed at the Teaching College. To ensure that your course will transfer and fulfill your degree or certificate requirements, you are strongly encouraged to confirm this with a counselor at your Home College.

Will my financial aid cover my tuition for these courses?

All CVC Exchange participating colleges have signed a Federal Financial Aid Consortium Agreement. As such CVC Exchange students simultaneously enrolled at their Home College and another participating CVC Exchange college, may be able to receive federal and state financial aid funds based on combined units taken at both colleges. Eligibility will be determined by the student’s Home College. Students wanting to learn more about the terms of the agreement need to contact their Home College Financial Aid Office.

When can I register for classes at a Teaching College?

Online cross enrollment is only available during the participating colleges’ open registration period; therefore, all students eligible to use the CVC Exchange regardless of priority status have equal access and opportunity to register for the courses.

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